Football tip An average of 450, 000 viewers watched the games of the Spanish Media League. Only matches between Barça and Real attracted more interest in the 15th round of the Examples

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The Spanish media football tournament attracted great interest from the audience.

The first matches of the Kings League, founded by Gerard Pique, took place on January 1st.

On average, 450 thousand viewers watched the matches of the tournament online, and the peak fell on the game between Porsinhos and Saiyans, which was watched live on twitch by 780 thousand people.

Interest in the Kings League turned out to be even higher than in most matches of the 15th round of the Examples.

Only matches Barcelona - Espanyol (610k viewers online on Movistar +) and Valladolid - Real (548k viewers on DAZN) attracted more attention than the matches analyzed by asia betting predictions of the new media football tournament (with an average of 450k viewers per game).

The broadcast of the Atletico-Elche game, for example, had 338 thousand viewers at its peak, and the Villarreal-Valencia match had 311 thousand.

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