Football tips Ivan Klimovich about whose qualities he would like to adopt: If we talk about the throw, then Matthews, hockey intelligence - Kucherov, skills and technique - Zegras

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Ivan Klimovich told which of the KHL and NHL players he looks up to.

- I can single out a few players that I sympathize with. If we talk about the shot, then this is Auston Matthews, hockey intelligence - Nikita Kucherov, skills and technique - young star Trevor Zegras, well, anyone would like the speed of Connor McDavid.

If we take KHL players, then Teemu Pulkkinen and Maxim Shalunov like the throw. I like the game of Torpedo in terms of hockey intelligence, there are many who understand the game forecast by asia betting predictions well. In terms of technology, I would choose Sergey Tolchinsky and Alexei Kruchinin, - said the striker of the Siberian system.
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