Football prediction Luka Doncic lost a bet to Jaylen Brunson and arrived at the match in an Eagles jersey

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When the Dallas players arrived at Madison Square Garden on Saturday morning, Luka Doncic was seen wearing an NFL Philadelphia Eagles jersey with JB Son written on the back.

The player asked not to be photographed, saying: I can`t stand this!

As journalist Callie Kaplan found out, Doncic lost the argument to former teammate, now New York player Jalen Brunson.

Friends had a bet on whose favorite NFL team would win their first meeting of the season. The Eagles won in October 26-17.

Doncic noted that the second meeting between the Cowboys and the Eagles would take place three days before the Mavericks` next matchup with the Knicks, so there would be another controversy.

In 2020, Brunson, as a Mavericks player, lost a similar bet to Doncic and came to the game prediction by asia betting predictions wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey.

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