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The Gadets case Sport refuses to apologize for the leading material in today`s issue of the print edition. According to journalists, what they write is not a manifestation of racism. The Italian newspaper appeared on the Black Friday booths and a collage of Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling, which was accepted as a knife by both the Inter and Roma clubs forecast by asia betting predictions and numerous social media users. According to editor-in-chief Ivan Zzaroni, however, the title is innocent, and the whole story has become poisonous because of the people that the poison is flowing from.

One good thought a day keeps the doctor away from you. Nowadays, an army of thoughtful people storms websites to purify their good souls. They take the fight against racism as their duty, and with two keystrokes they think they have cleared themselves (b. Edit - their souls). Then you already feel like a better person in a better world. White, black, yellow. This title can be understood by anyone who wants it. It is all about difference, the pride of being different, says part of what Zzaroni wrote.
Just below the collage, there is a text stating that Lukaku and Smalling have firmly stated their positions against racism and have become symbols of this for their clubs.

Inter and Roma meet on Friday in Serie A.

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