Football tipsters Solskjaer for Holland: It depends on him what choice he will make

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Norwegian manager of Manchester United Ole Gunnar Solskjaer commented on the performances of his compatriot Erling Holland in Borussia (Dortmund). Solskjaer knows the qualities and talents of the young star very well, as he was the coach of the 20-year-old striker in Molde.

Earling will have a fantastic career. I`ve always said that, watching Erling. How long have we been together - 18 months? Maybe almost two years. Wonderful times. He will definitely have a great career, both for Norway and at club prediction by new client for football picks level.

Solskjaer: We have a chance to end the season with the feeling that he was successful

He is performing incredibly well in Dortmund, so we will see how things develop for him. As a Norwegian and a person who has worked with him, I am, of course, very happy that he is performing so well.

We will do everything in our power to become a better team, and he will do everything possible to be an even better player. I don`t want to say anything more than that I wish him all the best. It depends on him what choice he will make, he told vg. no Solskjaer.

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