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Steph Curry officially overtook Reggie Miller by No2 in the top three in NBA history. The Golden State star fired 5 long shots during yesterday`s loss to Utah Jazz and now has 2, 562 threes in his career.
Historic: Steph Curry passed Reggie Miller for No2 in threes in the NBA
After the game, Curry was surprised by the legendary Indiana Pacers scorer. Reggie congratulated Steph on the achievement and reminded him that he had to catch up with Ray Allen`s 2, 973 threes to top the list.
`Congratulations, Steph, you`re number one! It`s an amazing achievement, but the job isn`t done because you have to chase Ray (Alan). You`re a great example to all the kids in the world, see my boy, for example. `your son Riker, who wore a Curry tank top). I know how many hours of work and how much sacrifice it all costs you. The Miller family is proud of you, especially this little boy here who is your biggest fan. Thank you for everythingyou have achieved, my friend, `said Miller.

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