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Derrick Rose takes the baton in the Detroit Pistons. The youngest MVP in NBA history clearly has no intention of leaving the `pistons` before the start of the new season, having already taken on the role of leader in the locker room of the team.

`For now, my job is to help the team by taking on the role of leader and veteran in the squad. I have to express my opinion when I see something wrong and when my teammates don`t push hard enough. . . With Blake (Griffin) we have a lot of experience. so we can give a lot of knowledge to these boys. Their development depends on them. We will do our best to set an example for them. We are blessed to have so many young players in our locker room. We just feed on their energy. `, the 32-year-old veteran told the media overseas.

The former star of the Chicago Bulls shared his opinion about the seventh choice of Detroit in the Draft - the guard Kylian Hayes, who arrives in the team from the German Ratiopharm Ulm.
`I already talked to him and told him that he is the future of this team. There is no competition between us. My job here is to help him become a great player. I have to take him very seriously in training because he`He comes from Europe and the players here will try to play very aggressively against him. I have to prepare him for that throughout the training camp to be ready for the first game via soccer predictions andy murray - stan wawrinka at the finals in antwerp of the new season, ` De Rose told the 19-year-old combo guard.

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