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Norway did not encounter any problems with the Faroe Islands and defeated the 4-0 underdog in Group F of the Euro Qualifiers. Torre Reginiusen and Iver Fosum solved everything with the hits until the 8th minute, and in the second half Alexander Sorlot scored twice. A strong game was played by Ole Christian Selnes, who scored for two goals.
Despite the victory, the Norwegians have very little chance of qualifying for Euro 2020 through qualifying. They are 4th in the group with 14 points, as is Romania. Our northern neighbors are one point behind Sweden before the clash between them in Bucharest tonight.

It is advantageous for Norway to finish this match. Otherwise, Lars Lagerbeck`s lineup will say goodbye to his hopes of finishing second in the group. However, the Norwegians will have another option because they have secured a place in the Nations League playoffs.
In their last match predicted by asia betting predictions of the group Norway visit Malta. The duel is on Monday. The Faroe Islands are at the bottom of the 3-point ranking as is Malta.

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