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None of the central defenders of the first team of Barcelona is in good shape to play. Until today`s match with Osasuna, Clement Langle was the only strong central defender of the Catalans. Today, the French footballer left with an injury. The player from the backup team Oscar Mingesa is partnering with Frankie de Jong until the end of the match. Mingesa played a second very stable match after his debut with Dynamo (Kiev) days ago.

4-0 for Barca and special emotions at the Camp NouI don`t know if he will be ready for Wednesday, Barca coach Ronald Koeman said. I talked to Mingesa shortly before the match predicted by asia betting predictions and told him a few things he shouldn`t do. I told him not to lose the ball, to be careful with the control over it, so as not to create goal situations for us, the specialist explained. Kuman also commented on Lionel Messi`s goal joy, dedicated to Diego Maradona: It was a great gesture to Maradona. He must have thought about it, and it was all well thought out.

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