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Italy coach Roberto Mancini has commented on the situation at Juventus and the appointment of Andrea Pirlo after the Bianconeri were eliminated in the round of 16 of the Champions League by Lyon. `I didn`t expect Juventus to drop out. I was sure they would continue. But it was a terrible, predictable and difficult year. Sarri didn`t have a chance to show his football. Pirlo is lucky. He starts at the top with the best team. `Maybe I didn`t start from the bottom, but I started from Fiorentina, not from Juventus, ` Mancini told Gadzeta dello Sport. `If I was looking for a coach, I would look at Andrea. He has great knowledge of football. Like Daniele De Rossi. I would be happy to work with him. There is always a first time. Andrea has started a new journey. I wish him luck. `he added.

Mancini also spoke about the upcoming match analyzed by asia betting predictions between Atalanta and Paris Saint-Germain in the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

`Let`s calm down and think about PSG, which is a great team and has more experience. They are certainly not in top form. They lost Cavani, they will not have Di Maria, Verratti, Mbappe and some others whoThe championship was suspended in March, but Atalanta still has every reason to come out with confidence in this match, `said the specialist.

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