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Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan will leave his mark on every team in the NBA. The Air logo, which is owned by the official supplier of the teams of the teams from the Association - Nike, will be depicted on the equipment from the Statement series of the teams from the League. This will become a fact with the beginning of next season.

The interesting thing in this case is that Jordan`s biggest enemy - the Detroit Pistons, is also on the list of teams that will use the logo of their teams. The six-time NBA champion with the Bulls has a well-known piston history from the late `80s and early` 90s, when the Bad Boys eliminated Jordan and the Bulls in three consecutive playoff seasons.

Now the legendary No23 will laugh last again, as he did in 1991. Then the Bulls finally defeated the Pistons with a clear 4-0 in the finals of the Eastern Conference, and the actions of Isaiah Thomas and company at the end of the last game, leaving the floor before the final from asia betting predictions siren, and so far remained in the minds of MJ. Needless to say, Detroit fans are not at all happy with the team`s new teams.

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