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Mattia Binotto explained what Ferrari needs to regularly fight for victories.

The head of the Scuderia explained why criticism prevents the team from working, and also named areas in which it is necessary to improve.

It`s always hard to live with criticism. And at the same time, you still need to keep the team focused on work.

Criticism distracts the team, and keeping the team focused is never easy. It was difficult, but I think it will make me stronger in the future.

I know that you should always rely only on yourself. This is the most important lesson of the season.

What could be improved in 2022? It`s not about any one thing - our ups and downs have come from different areas.

Firstly, reliability - I would put this factor in first place, because reliability is needed to win. She was missing last season.

Secondly, the speed of the car. Yes, we were competitive in qualifying, but not always in racing. We sometimes lacked the race pace, also due to increased tire wear, to fight for the highest positions.

I think these two factors are [the most important], because if your car is fast and reliable, then this will compensate for mistakes in strategy and in pit stops.

Overall, these are the areas where efforts need to be made, while keeping in mind that the ups and downs are also influenced by strategy and other challenges during the race weekend. We will also definitely review and improve them, " Binotto said.

Binotto has been leading Ferrari since the 2019 season, during which time the Italian team has won seven Grand Prix.

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