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Alpin is considering the possibility of inviting Schumacher to F1.

Currently, Mick Schumacher, as a reserve driver for Mercedes, competes for Alpin in endurance racing.

According to Alpine boss Bruno Famen, Schumacher performed very well in the WEC, working with the French team, and has a chance to get an invitation to Formula 1.

He is one of the candidates, without a doubt. Like many other racers.

Having said that, I have to say that Mick is incredible in endurance racing. What`s really impressive is his attitude and mentality.

Yes, of course he is fast. But I think everyone already knew that. In addition, under the performance balance rule, constantly showing the best lap times is not always profitable.

So it`s not a matter of judging a driver based on his pure speed. But where Mick really excelled was in adapting to the endurance racing mentality.

We`ve often said in the past that open-wheel single-seater series racers are selfish. Mick was ready to cooperate from the first minute and helps his partners a lot. He is ready to learn everything necessary, especially what is required in endurance racing. He has a very correct mentality and attitude, " Famen said.

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